Working Together

We help smart leaders hire smart people.

If you’ve worked with Bill in the past, you’ve experienced the passion, professionalism and insight that he brings to his work. Now, he’s advanced a step further and built a recruitment agency that focuses on high-quality performance, with an exceptional level of both service and personalization.

Whether you’re an accomplished IT professional, or a Leader hiring additional resources, we welcome you to experience The Hanniman Difference.


We specialize in delivering three core services:

Contract Assignments

  • deploying incorporated subcontractors and subject matter experts that are proven, professional, and versatile; these resources hit the ground running and offer immediate value

Permanent Placement Services

  • executing targeted searches to locate and deliver the “right fit” resources to join organizations on a full-time, employee basis

Advisory and Strategic Engagements

  • providing expertise in areas such as strategic planning, program management, facilitation, coaching, and mentoring; these seasoned executives freelance on an ‘as-and-when-needed’  basis

So how do we get started?

If you’ve worked with Bill before, it’s easy. He’d love to reconnect and catch up.

If you haven’t worked with Bill before, let’s get introduced.

We don’t post our openings online, because we believe that if you’re a top tier IT professional or Leader, that has a track record and reputation for being great at what you do, we probably know about you either directly, or through someone we trust in our extensive network.

However, if you think we’ve somehow missed you, because you’ve been deeply focused on doing high-quality work for the past few years—without the time to look upwards, or outwards—we respect that focus and commitment. Please send us a message, and we’ll be happy to start a conversation. It would be great to get to know you.

Note – Fee Prohibition

Section 12 of the Alberta Employment Agency Business Licensing Regulation prohibits an employment agency business operator from directly or indirectly demanding or collecting a fee, reward or other compensation

a) from an individual who is seeking employment or from another person on that individual’s behalf;
b) from an individual who is seeking information respecting employers seeking employees or from another person on that individual’s behalf;
c) from an individual for securing or attempting to secure employment for the individual or providing the individual with information respecting any employer seeking employees or from another person on that individual’s behalf; or
d) from an individual for evaluating or testing the individual, or arranging for the individual to be evaluated or tested, for skills or knowledge required for employment, where the individual or employment is in Alberta, or from another person on that individual’s behalf.