Our Niche

We deliver top tier Information Technology professionals to the energy sector.

We pride ourselves on the ability to consistently identify and create strategic relationships between leaders and qualified IT professionals. Our client-centric approach means our customers always receive a full-service experience. The relentless pursuit of quality is evident in everything we do.

Hanniman Recruiting Group is on a mission to become one of Alberta’s most admired boutique IT recruitment agencies. Our instinctive attitude is to be the best at what we do, and that translates into a focus on handpicking the people, the projects, and the companies we work with.

Our focus is clear:

HannimanWithin the Energy Industry

  • Upstream and Midstream
  • Conventional and Unconventional (Oil, Gas, Oil Sands)
  • Utilities and Mining

Within the Technology Sector – Serving the Energy Industry

  • Software and Services

Within Our Target Geographical Market

  • Calgary
  • Alberta
  • Western Canada

With Our Ability to Deliver Experienced and Proven Resources

  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Change Management Consultants
  • Software Developers
  • Technical Specialists
  • Functional Subject Matter Experts
  • IT Strategists and Leaders

Our track record and reputation for success are reinforced by the premise that we’re not satisfied unless you’re satisfied.