Depth of experience, track record of success

For more than 20 years, Hanniman and his teams have placed, directly or indirectly, more than 2,100 top resources into some of the best organizations in the energy, oilsands, mining, utilities, technology, consulting and software industries. They have guided countless others with hiring advice, career planning, salary and rate negotiations, as well as insights into market trends and opportunities.

One of the greatest compliments we can receive is a positive endorsement from a customer who has experienced The Hanniman Difference. This helps us affirm that what we’re doing is working, and that the personalized services we provide are making an impact, not just on careers, but with the Leaders that entrust us to help them build strong teams.

We’re honoured to share a few of the acknowledgments we’ve received from people just like you.

“Hanniman Recruiting Group is first-class at executing every aspect of the whole recruitment cycle. Bill Hanniman has no peer as a recruitment strategist bringing applied knowledge and experience to every challenging hiring gap.” — Veteran HR executive

“Hanniman does what he says he’s going to do.” – Project Manager, Calgary-based Oil and Gas company

“My colleagues are right; if I’m paying for a service, I might as well use the best. That’s why I look to Hanniman for all my IT resource requirements.” – CFO, Software Development company

“Hanniman understands how to deeply diagnose organizational culture, and how to assess the personalities of new team members to find and deliver the right ‘FIT’. He has an invaluable expertise that few recruiters master.” – VP IT, Energy Services company

“There is always value in the results. Hanniman doesn’t cut corners.” – IT Lead, Upstream Oil and Gas company

“Hanniman really tries to set the bar, and elevate the staffing industry to where it needs to be.” – Senior Director, Consulting company

“Trustworthy — and I find that quality very refreshing.” – HR Lead, Technology company

“Thank you for sharing your story and insight with me, I found the discussion we had incredibly valuable. I learned more about the Calgary labour market and the oil and gas industry in one hour than I’d learned in my previous 5 years here.” – Senior IT Infrastructure Expert

“Hanniman has access to positions that no one else knows about. When you’re a consultant, that has value.” – Senior IT Project Manager

Top executives seek out Hanniman when contemplating hiring moves, strategic decisions, and their own career management. We have earned the trust to become a confidant and advisor to many prominent leaders and high performers.

If you’ve had an exceptional experience working with Hanniman, we invite you to submit your own endorsement to feedback@hanniman.com