Our Story

It’s not complicated.

After more than 20 years as a professional recruiter, including 15 years building one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies and arguably one of the strongest recruitment organizations in Western Canada, Bill Hanniman has launched his own boutique recruitment agency.

Over the last year, he has focused his energy on gaining an unprecedented competitive advantage recalibrating and sharpening his expertise.

Specifically, Bill served as advisor and consultant to some of the brightest, most successful and ambitious CEOs, CFOs, HR and IT executives in the energy industry. He helped them solve some of their most important strategic and human capital issues, only this time—from inside, as a peer on the corporate side—rather than as a supplier.

For Bill, these opportunities offered a valuable point from which to build an unclouded perspective that few other seasoned recruiters have experienced.

More importantly, he was inspired when he witnessed firsthand the root of executive discontent. This aha!  moment helped him uncover fresh concepts, insights and gaps that the staffing industry has overlooked.

And there began the journey of building a different kind of recruitment agency … The Hanniman Way!